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By: on Friday, April 7, 2017

Most people have an idea of where you want to be, or where you want to go, but are you setting yourself up to get there?

Somehow this came naturally to me in life, document, detail, and naturally end up on a path to achieve it.

When my clients start working with me one of the first things we discuss is their goals, and on our first one on one coaching call together we go over goals in detail… in my Home and Horse Keeping Planner there are a few pages dedicated to goal setting, documenting and planning.  Goals are my thing… I love watching them come to fruition.

Some of the goals I have set for myself have been reached without me even realizing that I was working toward them. (Weird, right?  I know)

Here is how I tracked my goal when I was itty-bitty.

I drew a picture, a picture of a house with a barn with an indoor, an outdoor full of jumps, a dog house, and some garden beds.  Then I drew each room in that house with tables, lamps, beds, area rugs, details!  Then I wrote out every year from then and what I would be doing that year to get closer to my goal of living in that house.  I did this when I was 7, so some of the micro goals were a little off, like getting married at 24 and owning a 3000 sq ft home with a barn and indoor etc.


Along the way things changed, I moved, I designed different houses, I couldn’t sort out a major in university etc etc.  Funny thing though… after having drawn that house over and over again (it was my fun, pass the time activity up until I was 16 or 17… yes, I even got some of my friends drawing houses with me when they came over to play at our house.  It was etched in my mind, it’s like it was now a part of my subconscious.  Because, now in 2017, I’m living in that house, the barn building is almost done and my (cough cough) two outdoor rings are almost set up.  I do have a dog too, but she doesn’t have a dog house.

So how the heck, after thinking here and there that it would never happen, did it still happen???

Some things are programmed in our brains, like, jump out of the way when you see a car coming at you, or, if you’re me, scream when you see a mouse.  These are things that we do without even thinking of what we should do, our auto response.  When I was 7 years old and I started drawing my ideal life, I started the programming in my brain, when I revisited that book (it was a big book) and flipped through those pages, added or omitted different aspects of it, I was solidifying that goal and burning it into my subconscious, over and over again for the next 10++ years.  Every move I was making was bringing me closer to where I had to be to achieve it, even when I didn’t think about it.



This is why I designed my programs to set my clients up in the same way.  Set your goals, give them a deadline, and include details!!! Lots of details!  You might feel silly doing it at first, but when you start to see things happening and start to see changes in your life, you’ll get it and you’ll LOVE it!

Are you:

Going to make your debut in the Grand Prix ring?

Going to learn to keep your horses at home?

Going to recover from an injury?

Going to gain confidence in and out of the saddle?


I set things up with an overall Yearly goal. Here you write in:

  • what your goal is,
  • why you want to reach it and
  • what work you will have to put in to achieve it (which we can work through together, a lot of the time new clients just stare blankly thinking there is WAY too much that they would have to do to achieve their goals, when in reality, just a couple tweaks will get you on the path to achieve it).

The exercise then breaks out into 90 day increments, and even further those 90 days break down into 60 day goals, and 30 day goals… each section will show progress and each section will be written in detail so that you can lead your way to it, it being THE big Goal!

It is such a great exercise and shows you that your goals ARE achievable if you put the work in to achieving them.  The full exercise is set up in my Home and Horse Keeping Planner, all a part of the Equestrian Athletic Kickstart and the Equestrian Athletic Performance Program.

I’ll put up the 90 day break down on my website for you though, so you can see where you can make some changes now!

If you’re interested in taking your goal setting a step further and do the complete exercise, I can get you set up with the workbook and we can sit down together (in my online zoom room) and hash out a plan that will get you going!

What are your goals? How close are you to achieving them?

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Leslie Klatt
Leslie Klatt is an Equestrian Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. Having worked as a professional trainer, full time Hunter/Jumper Competition Coach, Event Manager and an Equine Bodywork Practitioner, she has seen the ins and outs of what health, fitness, and lifestyle balance can do for equestrian enthusiasts, from back yard riders to Olympic contenders. She now works with horse and rider combinations to obtain their peak physical and mental performance, through confidence building, motivation, and fitness programs from her home in Cherryville, BC, Canada, where she spends her days at her family's farm, Rolling Sands Equestrian and Training Centre, with her own horses, her 2 year old charming son, 2 month old cuddly daughter, super supportive husband, and her hilarious Great Dane puppy."

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