About Us

Welcome to RiderFitness.com

RiderFitness.com is the online information resource for equestrian athletes  – akin to an online health and fitness magazine for horse and rider!

Being a fit rider is a process of continuing education – a constant process of learning how to be the best athlete you can be: physically, mentally and emotionally!

We strive to provide information that helps riders be better athletes –  physically, mentally and emotionally!

Our goal at RiderFitness.com is to share what top level riders, equine health professionals, equine scientists and fitness experts have to say … and we want to know how we can apply that to our own life with horses!

We also want to create a fun and interactive community of riders of all levels and disciplines – when it comes to being fit riders we are more alike than different …

and at RiderFitness.com we believe that we can learn a lot from each other!

So – please share your stories and questions with us! Let us know whom you want to hear form – and what you want to read about! We cannot wait to hear from you!



How We Got Started

Rider Fitness was set up by Anna Bergenstrahle. Anna grew up in Sweden and Germany and has been involved with horses since she was a teenager. She holds a MSc in Exercise Science from Georgia Southern University and an MSc in Equine Science from the University of Edinburgh.


“I love information about all aspects of fitness (health and well-being) and want to share that passion with others! Living and riding with back pain from scoliosis has taught me that there are a lot of different forms of exercise that can help me feel better – live better – and ride better …and so this motivates me to constantly search for more information!

Many years in the fitness industry have taught me that it is easier to get motivated to live a healthy lifestyle if you have friends to share your goals, struggles and successes with – and so I hope to create an environment for others to share their fitness stories on this website!”

Anna Bergenstrahle
[email protected]