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Do You Want to Ride or Do You Want to Win?

Dr. James Spencer is a Sports Performance Chiropractor based in Wellington, FL., where he works with equestrian athletes to improve their overall fitness and riding performance. Equine Riders are athletes and should train like them.  Living and working in the heart of the world’s largest Equestrian venue has allowed the opportunity to observe and train enough read more…

The Green Life

The Green Life was started by real families who wanted to create a store stocked with the highest-quality natural and organic brands and products.


Being vegan it can be challenging to incorporate enough protein into your diet! Yuve sells a vegan protein powder.

Athos Smart Training Apparel

Athos Smart Training Apparel offers a new innovative approach to exercise apparel! This smart performance apparel monitors your biosignals and distills them into meaningful insights.

Nature Box

Nature Box is perfect for health conscious busy riders! They offer a variety of healthy snacks – shipped right to your door! Their motto is: Eat Better. Live Better.

Eco Lunch Boxes

Riders are always on the move – and have little time to prepare meals. Eco Lunch Boxes offer a great selection of eco friendly tasty snacks.

Aspiring to go all the way!

Photo: Sportfot Olympic show jumping medalist Beezie Madden has been quoted as saying: “Find something that you really have a passion in, and that’s what you’ll probably have the most success at.” This quote applies well to Caitlyn Connors who is spending the winters of her adolescent years riding and competing her three horses at read more…

Straight on the Circle

Melanie Buhlman studied horse rehabilitation training and equine osteopathy at the holistic health centre Equo Vadis in Germany and is a Master Teacher of the School of Légèreté, a classical training concept that excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids.   For me, a Cavesson is part of my basic equipment. I use the read more…

Equestrian Fitness and Lifestyle: Get Working toward YOUR Goals!

Most people have an idea of where you want to be, or where you want to go, but are you setting yourself up to get there? Somehow this came naturally to me in life, document, detail, and naturally end up on a path to achieve it. When my clients start working with me one of read more…

Wendy Murdoch ’40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes’

In this fabulous book Wendy Murdoch outlines simple yet effective exercises to help riders with their jumping!