• Why struggling to sit the trot or sticking a spook has nothing to do with strength … and what is really going on.
  • The real reason being stiff and ‘catty wompers’ can make any rider lose confidence (no matter how long they’ve been riding)
  • … and what it takes to re-claim a comfortable, secure and confident seat. 
  • Why ‘toughing it out’ (let’s face it: riders are good at this one) really just results in riding guarded and protective, confuses most horses and has riders reaching for Epsom salt after every ride. 
  • How our clients finally break the stiffness, aches and pain cycle so they can look forward to riding to their heart’s content (for as long as they wish) … and enjoy the side-effect of a more positive and cooperative horse. 
  • And … how they do all this without missing a single day of riding!

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Leonardo: The Best Decision for my Health and Riding
"I’ve been riding for 10 years. Two years ago I had ankle surgery. After a long time recovering, I started riding but I was stiff, unbalanced and had a lot of back pain. It also undermined my confidence to ride and jump. In May 2018, I started in the program and back pain subsided immediately and as I continued the program my ankles became more flexible and I got my confidence back to jump bigger jumps. I’m more balanced and also my mindset has changed. I have my goals accomplished by end of 2018!!! Looking forward to 2019!!! Thank you so much!"
Vickie: Riding Better Than Ever!
I was experiencing upper and lower back pain and extreme difficulty in sitting straight on a horse. Working with Anna has been most helpful! The Program is very easy to follow, yet the exercises are challenging and effective. Anna has set it up so there is a progression of many of the exercises that keep pushing the body to better function. For example, I was having a problem dismounting, I felt like I was going to fall backwards. Anna did an individual session with me, prescribing some exercises that have given me the physical confidence to jump off a horse like I did 40 years ago!!
Christine: No More Pain During or After Riding
I wanted to give Anna a big thanks today! I was experiencing back pain while riding and in other daily activities. To my surprise, we have worked more on getting my legs to be straight before approaching my back. The change in my body is really noticeable. I never realized that I was basically standing on one leg all of the time. Anna told me that the leg that was working so hard deserved an award! In any case, last night I rode for an hour and was able to both ride without pain and have no pain or tightness the next day. I honestly can't remember the last time I had no pain during a ride or after!
Bobbie: Back to riding with JOY!
Anna, It is a wonderful feeling to be able to ride my horses every week at a sale barn penning cattle. I have not been up to it for the past 5 years because it hurt too much & I couldn't get on & off my horse without help. My confidence has exploded with knowing I can ride the long hours & still keep myself in saddle!!! Every week I can do a little more & am loving how my horses are responding to me. Anna it's been forever since I felt that bond when riding. I was looking for the burn in my neck to attack so I didn't feel the horse under me. Now I'm feeling the horse and life is good again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kathleen and Chulo
I had very little confidence riding my Iberian stallion, Chulo, and had a hard time sitting the trot and getting the canter balanced in both directions. My trainer told me to get help with my body and that is how I found Anna. I never would have imagined how beneficial this program has become to me. It’s a part of my life. Now my trainer says: "Look at Chulo. He’s telling you he’s giving you “Fleets of Harmony”. Now that your body can feel, listen to him!"
Back to Eventing With Confidence
I broke 6 ribs a year ago and when I recovered I had a severe head tilt to the left. I also collapsed to the right. So my new horse wouldn’t turn right and didn’t pick up the left lead canter. Several months of therapy didn’t help. Anna’s program helped me regain correct alignment and banished my neck and back pain. I now ride in much better alignment and my horse turns well and picks up the left lead canter. I absolutely love this program!
30 years of pain ... finally gone!
At the beginning of this year I was on the verge of giving up riding it was too difficult - it was aggravating my back and hip and I could see that my horse Taggart was finding it difficult to do what I asked - I was worried I was going to injure him because I was crooked and unbalanced. So the thing that I had believed for over 30 years wasn't possible - well it became possible! My riding has improved and at my last dressage competition I came first - twice!