We help liberate riders from struggling with stiffness, crookedness and pain (on and off their horses) … and reclaim their freedom to be the best partner their horse could wish for! 

Learn the SECRET to finally getting unstuck from riding with stiffness, crookedness and pain … so you can find comfort and confidence in the saddle!

Learn more about how we help riders get their groove back, optimize their riding abilities and allow them to create the same partnership with their horses when they ride as they do on the ground

Riding with stiffness, crookedness,  is the antithesis of a happy, in-sync and connected ride:

it takes up all our energy and brain space

ruins any chance we have to communicate clearly and easily with our horses …

and is just plain NO FUN!

I have had sciatica/piriformis syndrome pain on my left side for the past 20 years. It would flare up about once a month, but the rest of the time I had to avoid any movement with straight legs and folding at the hip, because then I would feel the pinched nerve. I first tried chiropractic, massage, even tried a posture specialist who could tell something was off in my gait but could not really help me, then more different types of bodywork. Then stretching, tons of stretching. Strengthening as well but I did not follow a targeted program, it was more random exercises and I would regularly hurt myself. Anything like running meant pain the following days. Now I am completely pain free! That means I can fold over at the hip with straight legs and that had never been possible in the past 20 years!  And my horses are happier than ever - I finally found my seat! Florianne W.

I broke 6 ribs a year ago and when I recovered I had a severe head tilt to the left. I also collapsed to the right. So my new horse wouldn’t turn right and didn’t pick up the left lead canter. Several months of therapy didn’t help. Anna’s program helped me regain correct alignment and banished my neck and back pain. I now ride in much better alignment and my horse turns well and picks up the left lead canter. I absolutely love this program! JC

Anna, It is a wonderful feeling to be able to ride my horses every week at a sale barn penning cattle. I have not been up to it for the past 5 years because it hurt too much & I couldn't get on & off my horse without help. My confidence has exploded with knowing I can ride the long hours & still keep myself in saddle!!!   I am loving how my horses are responding to me. Anna it's been forever since I felt that bond when riding. I was looking for the burn in my neck to attack so I didn't feel the horse under me. Now I'm feeling the horse & life is good again Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bobbie

I have scoliosis and had chronic SI joint instability and painfor years before joining this program. After just 2 weeks in the program: I rode in a recognized show and got a 60%. The best part was I had no pain and was problem solving during the test and not nervous for the first time in my life. K.

May 2018 I made the best decision for my health and riding by joining this program. I must say it’s more than just riding with no back pain (which is a big deal). It’s a stepwise approach that empowers me every day to be a stronger, balanced and better aligned rider. The personalized program and the attention to the details makes all the difference to perform them correctly. One mouth in the program I went to a horse show and my performance way better. I feel energized and confident to ride my horse. He also sends his BIG THANKS to Anna. Leonardo C.

10 days into this program and I've had a great breakthrough this morning. I lifted my leg to tighten my girth and suddenly realized that I did it with very little pain! You know how you just do it normally without thinking about it, but then it hit me, wow that hardly hurt! For the past year it has been almost excruciating to do the same movement. Barbara

I live on a farm in Central Missouri with my 2 Mustangs. I always grow a big garden and this year the abundance is unprecedented. I have elderly neighbors I am sharing my extra produce with. One of my neighbors was telling me about how she goes for a back treatment 2 x per month. She said he is wonderful and often takes radiographs and shows her "progress" . I ask her how long she had been getting treatments ? Answer 10 years.!. Isn't that the definition of insanity? " Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results" I am so grateful I kept looking for a real solution, a program that " gives me" the tools to strip away and then build back on a solid foundation. Anna's program showed me how my muscles, bones and fascia all interact and how I can have a body that flows pain free with grace and elegance. Sharon