The Ultimate Pain Free Riding Solution

You Want to: Feel Better – Move Better – Ride Better – RIGHT?

Riding with stiffness, aches and pains …no big deal? Right? After all: it has nothing to do with riding performance… Wrong!

Rider stiffness and aches actually prevent a swinging back and freedom of movement of the horse…and that makes for a tough ride and low scores…and may even lead to a back sore horse.

          But my clients have been able to transform their stiff and achy back and get the riding body they always wished for                            … without missing even a single day of riding.


Alleviating those pesky aches and pains, creating a more symmetrical rider pelvis and finally getting rid of stiffness and crookedness could result in:

– A higher scoring walk…because it’s loose, free and rhythmical

– Making it easier to sit the trot

– Cleaner lead changes, a bigger canter and a happier horse

– Feeling free and confident when riding – rather than always being cautious and defensive

Watch this presentation to learn:

  • How my clients free themselves from back stiffness and aches and experience a more supple back, more flexible hips and a stronger seat even if they previously thought that would never happen!
  • How stretching the hip flexors can actually make it worse … and the counter intuitive approach that works.
  • Why riders should never ride with twinges, tweaks, and aching joints and the terrifying reason why.
  • The secret to how our clients are discovering riding muscles they didn’t even know they had.
  • How our clients create a more balanced and supple seat … and how this leads to a super rider-horse connection and a higher scoring walk, sitting the trot, cleaner lead changes, a bigger canter and a happier horse.

And … how they do all this without missing a single day of riding.

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