May 22

Could a Happy Horse Make for a Better Athlete?

May 8
“Dressage horses need the agility of a ballet dancer and the strength of a football player” international top level dressage rider Katherine Bateson-Chandler... read more

7 Easy Steps to Achieve Your Riding Dreams

May 7
Feature image: Tim Bourke (IRL) at the 2017 Rolex Three Day Event Sandra Poppema is a certified riding instructor and has been an equine clicker trainer for the... read more

Three Day Eventing is a demanding sport!

May 3 Leah Lang-Gluscic is an advanced level three day event rider and trainer based in Ocala, FL, and Freeport, IL. She... read more

Do You Want to Ride or Do You Want to Win?

Apr 24
Dr. James Spencer is a Sports Performance Chiropractor based in Wellington, FL., where he works with equestrian athletes to improve their overall fitness... read more

Aspiring to go all the way!

Apr 18
Photo: Sportfot Olympic show jumping medalist Beezie Madden has been quoted as saying: “Find something that you really have a passion in, and that’s what... read more